my smelly sweaty orange hooters uniform shorts

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white hooters girl uniform sweaty tank top shirt

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i’ve been pretty busy lately,i got a job as a waitress at a hooters restaurant.if you’re lucky,i’ll post one of my smelly uniforms for sale here

more smelly panty for sale

i will be posting more socks and used panties pretty soon

my favorites

food = pepperoni pizza

color = red

movie = clueless

class = art

day = wednesday

place = the beach

word = fleek

tv show = archer



i didn’t go to cheerleading camp this summer and I don’t know if I want to still be on the team .i am the smallest and they always want me to be at the top of the pyramid :-(. last summer , camp was pretty boring. i hate to be away from my real friends for so long plus the food sucks .i wish we had cooler uniforms.

used trashed stinky black sequins sneakers

2016-07-17 00.57.39 2016-07-17 00.57.58 2016-07-17 00.58.16$99

my virginity

i’ve been getting a lot of requests to add my boyfriend to this website .i don’t have a boyfriend and I am still a virgin.i ¬†will not be posting nudes or face pictures.

old well worn trashed used leopard shoes

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filthy green blue toe socks

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