i’ve been pretty busy lately,i got a job as a waitress at a hooters restaurant.if you’re lucky,i’ll post one of my smelly uniforms for sale here

my favorites

food = pepperoni pizza

color = red

movie = clueless

class = art

day = wednesday

place = the beach

word = fleek

tv show = archer



i didn’t go to cheerleading camp this summer and I don’t know if I want to still be on the team .i am the smallest and they always want me to be at the top of the pyramid :-(. last summer , camp was pretty boring. i hate to be away from my real friends for so long plus the food sucks .i wish we had cooler uniforms.

my virginity

i’ve been getting a lot of requests to add my boyfriend to this website .i don’t have a boyfriend and I am still a virgin.i  will not be posting nudes or face pictures.

panty shopping

we went to the mall today . victoria’s secret had a sale and I spent so much money .i’m sure you’ll like the results , though lol

no a.c.

it’s so freaking hot here. my stepdad is too cheap to turn on the air conditioner. i’ve taken 2 showers and I still feel gross 🙁 i can’t wait for summer to be over , then next school semester ,then finally college and away from all these people

Who is Jasmine Jade ?

I am an African American  teenage girl in her last year of high school trying to save up for college tuition.I will be posting lots of smelly panties and blog posts soon. Add me on twitter